Be Mixed, a collection of all-natural and zero calorie cocktail mixers, is a game-changer in personalized mixology that we hope you may consider sharing news with your readers on Flattlands Blog.

Carefully crafted to elevate any spirit of choice with style and ease, Be Mixed is not an average mixer – the signature bottles contain one serving of all-natural ingredients in mouthwatering flavors without the associated guilt of sugary additives. Packaged in a chic pocketsize glass bottle for on-the-go mixology, Be Mixed is both a sophisticated new way to serve a cocktail, and a healthier drink alternative for the holiday season and New Year. Available in convenient four-packs, Be Mixed is intended to be mixed with any spirit from vodka and tequila to whiskey and rum and even beer, wine or soda – an easy way to please a party.


The brainchild of two under 30 Harvard Business School graduates, Jennifer Ross and Cristina Ros Blankfein devised the concept for Be Mixed after noticing a void in the market, and they were determined to develop a single serving on-the-go mixer that is guaranteed to enhance your sipping experience anytime, anywhere.  Launching with the refreshing flavor, Ginger-Honey-Lime, Be Mixed is available for $11.00 (for a four pack) on and in select specialty shops.  Truly the tastiest and most convenient way to enjoy a cocktail this holiday season!

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