We all know that it’s hard to find a friend or family member that is not allergic to something. Whether it be wheat or dairy, how are you supposed to enjoy delicious summer treats like a double scoop of cookies and cream topped on a too big waffle cone if you are skipping the lactose? Well, we’ve sought out some of the best spots in Austin for you to get your ice cream fix sans dairy. Chek out our list of Austin’s best dairy free ice cream spots!

1. Sweet Ritual

If you haven’t taken the trip to this phenomenal and inventive ice cream spot then you have truly been missing out. When two ice cream gurus put their passion for creativity, and past experiences including toy joy and the beloved Amy’s Ice Cream, you receive exquisite non-dairy ice cream flavors like “Lemon Oreo Pie”, “Unicorn Poop”, and edible glitter. Sweet Ritual uses dairy alternatives like coconut milk, almonds, and peanuts to give the full-bodied and creamy texture that we could never have expected! They boast 12 original flavors daily, which is definitely a treat for our lactose-free friends or those who enjoy trying something a little different.  If you are are looking for a spot that’s not too deep into downtown Austin that offers a unique and delicious way to keep cool, Sweet Ritual should become your new ritual! If you are feeling a bit lazy, they also offer a variety of their staple flavors and ice cream sandwiches at Wheatsville Co-op.

2. NadaMoo


Another Austin-born dairy-free favorite is NadaMoo, who even denotes the lack of lactose in its brand name. The company creates delectable flavors, like “Vanilla… Ahhh”, “Java Crunch”, and their most recent concoction “Cookies & Cream”, by swapping milk for coconut milk. The choice to use coconut milk was a no-brainer for its creators due to the lack of stress it caused on the environment and it’s creamy flavor.

NadaMoo recently teamed up with companies like Skill & Cakebones and MooJo to create variations of the vegan cookie sandwich. NadaMoo is available in most grocery stores (HEB & Whole Foods), as well as many local favorites (Whip In & Royal Blue). You can also catch them on August 8th at the Austin Ice Cream Festival!

3. Lick

When they are not busy opening new locations (ahem), they are busy creating new enjoyable flavors of both regular and dairy-free ice creams! They make it their goal to have at least 2-4 non-dairy flavors per day, which includes flavors like “Coconut Avocado Curd”, “Coconut, Peanut Butter & Chocolate Swirl” and the limited edition “Vegan Vanilla Blueberry Swirl”.

Lick offers their assortment of dairy free options at their original South Lamar location, as well as their newly opened North Burnet Location. They are also found at many local restaurants and groceries like Central Market, Easy 1st Grocery, and Wheatsville Co-op.


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