Instagram has become the most commonly used social media platform in the world and has allowed restaurants, food lovers and photographers to florish in ways that have never been possible before.  Dining decisions were once most commonly made by our ability to read reviews from prominent food writers or Yelp reviewers.  Now in most cases, we make decisions based on what we see through our Instagram feeds.


Austin’s restaurant scene has been booming for several years now and social media influencers have been an intergral part of it’s growth.  Influencers know that their followers eat, drink and consume with their eyes and restaurateurs are aware of this more than ever.  In most cases if the food in the photo looks good, than it probably tastes good as well, so chefs are preparing dishes with that important fact in mind.


To celebrate Austin’s rich food beauty, we’re sharing our favorite Instagram food photos from some of our best dining experiences as well as from some of the most prominent influencers in the area.  Take a look at several of our favorites in February.


Cane Rosso

I was on a bit of a diet in the month of January, so Cane Rosso was the first technically the first real brunch I enjoyed all year.  So I had Angel meet me for the feasting and per usual, we over ordered for the sake of the gram.  From the Fried Chicken and Waffles, to the fruity pebbles waffles and Breakfast Taco Pizza, we ate enough food to keep us fed for at least two days.  The most instagramable dish is easily the Fruity Pebbles Waffles with sweetened condensed milk.  It’s as delicious as the it is gramable and well worth breaking the diet.  4715 S Lamar Blvd #103

Austin Taco Project

Early Feburary means the official end of football season, so we celebrated with a private Super Bowl party at Austin Taco Project.  Chef Kevin recently curated a brand new menu with a list of delicious bar snacks, so we ordered every last one of them with a few tacos while we watch the big game.  Every dish was unmistakably tasty, but the “gram-my”award has to go to the Tots with fried cheese curd, barbacoa, poblano gravy, sunny side egg.  500 E 4th St.


Churro - happy hour


Geraldine’s recently launch Chef Stephen Bonnin’s new happy hour menu featuring several dishes inspired by some of the classic and new flavors of Austin.  The entire selection is designed to be a shared plates experience, featuring the Crispy Pork Ribs, Smoked Carrots, Salt Roasted Beets and several other dishes topped on impressive plateware that provides some of the most brilliant and colorful photos you can possibly post on your feed.  Every savory dish is remarkable, but just wait until you get to the desserts.  I don’t have a problem saying you’ll most likely need to publish multiple posts.   605 Davis St.

TLC Seafood Boil

TLC Austin

With all due respect to my favorite BBQ spots in town, TLC’s seafood boil is perhaps the most gramable dish in the entire city.  It’s not cheap but if you’re a seafood lover who enjoys fresh and tasty selections, the the Seafood Boil is outstanding and will easily blow up your feed with hundreds of likes and comments from dozens of jealous followers.  1100 S Lamar Blvd Ste.




Chef Teddy was recently named to Zagat’s first National list of 30 Under 30 rising culinary talent in 2017, and we’ve been meaning to visit the Soursop trailer for nearly a year to taste a few of his popular dishes.  Great things come to those who wait, so it’s a good thing we waited until Feburary to try all of his brand new dishes.  The new dishes include Crispy Noodle featuring mala pork knuckle, Salt and Pepper Chicken, Chongqing Tater Tots, and Five-spice braised short ribs.  440 E. Saint Elmo Rd Ste G2

101 by Teahouse

101 by Teahouse

Tea Haus, the popular Asian cafe and teahouse known for their strawberry brick toast, has recently expanded to their 2nd location with the introduction to 101 by Teahouse.  Co-Owner Matthew Wang classifies the menu as “culturally significant,” by representing the several different lifestyles of Asian culture and cuisine.  Go for Taiwanese beef noodles, Bulgogi and Tots which is a play on Kimchi Fries.  I’m not a huge fan of tofu, but their deep fried tofu is a definite game changer and seems to be a big hit along with their crispy chicken.   6929 Airport Blvd #131



The Ramen Burger has finally landed in Austin and is easily this month’s blue ribbon winner as the most instagramable dish in the city.  What’s best about this burger is that it’s actually really juicy and delicious.  The ramen noodles serve as the bun and is fried crispy with a soft interior without being soggy or sloppy.  It’s currently blowing up every major foodíe’s Instagram feed here in Austin and is well worth the exercise you’ll need the day after you devour it.  3318 Harmon Ave


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