The Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato (BLT) sandwich is one of the most classic and popular sandwiches in American history. Bacon, lettuce and tomato on toast are ingredients that have always complimented each other better than any other sandwich in existence. The salty bacon serves as the core of the sandwich, providing a crispy contrast of smokey and salty flavors while lettuce adds color, crunch and freshness; a perfect compliment to a slice of ruby-red, ripe tomatoes providing the robust finish to this perfectly crafted American beauty.


April is officially National BLT Month and we’re honoring this classic sandwich with some of our favorite spots in Austin.



Lustre Pearl BLT

Lustre Pearl

114 Linden Street

Lustre Pearl East’s BEAT (Bacon, Egg, Arugula and Tomato) with herb aioli on whole wheat bread from Moonlight Bakery is the perfect starter to your Austin BLT conquest. The arugula is a welcome spin on this classic


Jack Allen's BLT Sliders

Jack Allen’s Kitchen

Jack Allen’s Kitchen serves up a couple of kick-ass BLT Sliders as a stray from the classic BLT norm, with grilled pork belly, micro greens, fried green tomatoes, pimiento cheese and JAK’s slaw.


Walton's BLT

Walton’s Fancy and Staple

609 West 6th Street

Walton’s has an amazing BFT on their menu: applewood smoked bacon, tomato & frisée with avocado aioli on sourdough.


PBLT Noble Sandwich

Photo | Noble Sandwich Facebook

Noble Sandwich

Two Locations – 4805 Burnet Rd | 12233 620 N. Suite 105

Noble Sandwich has become my all-time favorite sandwich joint, and if they continue to blow me away with sandwiches like the PBLT, I might have to sleep with it. The sandwich I mean. Don’t judge me!

Chef Tyler Johnson of Bacon - Austin, TX

Photo |


900 W 10th St

For a restaurant with it’s name-sake as it’s primary menu item, their BLT should obviously be one of the most exceptional in Austin and one of our favorites.  The Broken Yolk BLT is stacked with bibb lettuce, tomatoes, maple-cured bacon, and over easy eggs.


Jack and Ginger's

Jack and Ginger’s

11500B Rock Rose

The winner for the most food-porn worthy BLT, is undoubtedly Jack and Ginger’s Cheddar Waffle BLT.  What could be more savory and sinful than cheddar mixed in to the waffle itself – stacked with thick slices of bacon, an over-easy egg, lettuce and tomatoes? 

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