For anyone still living in the dark ages, convinced that food trucks are a trend that’s just passing through the burgeoning culinary scene, you may be surprised to know that they’ve actually been around for decades and their resurgence in popularity in recent years doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. These mobile kitchens provide a quick and convenient way to get your grub, and they’ve become great opportunity for chefs looking to get their start in their own business as an alternative to a brick and mortar restaurant.


The capital of live music of the world also seems to be sharing another title these days: According to Emily Hepner at, Austin has been named the food truck capital of America. While Austin may not have as many food trucks as other major cities, they make up for it by providing some of the tastiest meals you’ll find outside of a restaurant. From craft bbq at Micklethwait, or the spicy Thai cuisine from East Side King, fresh tacos and salsas at Veracruzand sassy sandwiches at Hey!… You Gonna Eat or What, Austin is the perfect spot with a wide selection of food truck cuisine for anyone looking for more than just a bite.


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