The Night is Young is the story of the night Matt (Matt Jones) and Dave (Dave Hill) met Amy ( Kelen Coleman) and Syd (Eloise Mumford).  Much like most familiar romantic comedy stories, the characters are all feeling a bit fed up with their jobs and the entire Los Angeles social scene in general.

As luck would have it that, they all inadvertently decide to go to the same bar on the same night which turns in to an interesting night of awkward romantic situations as the drinking as the conversations continue through the night.  They all discover a painful self absorbed side of themselves and each other, while finding common ground in friendship as they continue drinking, pair off, and re-align back together ending to a semi-climatic romantic scene at a house party.

This young quartet provides a real and appealing series of interactions highlighting the realism of comedically awkward “conversational volleyball” that become some inane and ridiculous that it actually passes as authentic.


See the cast at the red carpet premier of the film from the 2015 Austin Film Festival.


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