By Hayden Walker & Andi Haughton

It’s dinner o’clock on the day after ACL, which means Austin is in serious recovery mode. We are sore, tired, depressed because we are no longer wandering barefoot through our beautiful park vibing to stellar tunes. Some of us have three-day hangovers, some have inexplicable injuries (or, in my case, a shoulder that was a victim of an epic Calvin Harris dance party). But we all need some culinary TLC to help start the week. Here are my go-to recuperating meals the week after ACL.


Bess Bistro

What: Mussels with no dairy, Kale salad

Why: Bess has the best mussels in town. They are hearty and smokey and porky and just delicious.

Where:  Downtown

Bonus: Monday nights are all-night happy hour and the mussels are half price (so is the wine if you really think you can drink more).


The Soup Peddler

What: Green Goddess Soup, Love Cleanse (with lemon and ginger)

Why: Because soup is healing. You are hoarse and soup feels good going down. It is easy to digest and it makes your soul happy.

Where:  SoLa, South First

Bonus: They deliver.


Titaya’s Thai Cuisine

What: Tom Kha Gai with brown rice

Why: Asian herbs and spices are incredibly restorative. Titaya’s serves up the best tom kha in town (they have great Tom Yum and Beef Noodle Soup as well) and the soup will revive you and get you through the post-festival blues.

Where: Brentwood

Bonus: You never have to get out of your pajamas, because soup is an ideal Favor order.


Skinny Limits

What: Downward Dog

Why: After the carb fest of necessary to sustain you through three days of festivaling – food doesn’t sit all that well. This smoothie has protein and tastes amazing.

Where: Multiple locations

Bonus: The name makes you feel zen-ish – or that you stretched some of the festival out.


Pho Van/Ramen Tatsu-ya

What: Your fave pho/Tonkotsu Sho-Yu

Why: Pho can heal almost anything. So can ramen.

Where: Resaerch BLVD/North Austin

Bonus: When you eat Pho, angels sing.


Din Ho Chinese BBQ

What: Duck Wonton Soup and some Chinese Greens

Why: Because it’s seriously, amazingly, linge-changingly delicious soup and I love to eat things that quack.

Where: North Austin.

Bonus: Huge portions = many meals.



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