We’ve all had the same dream right?  What would you do if you won the lottery?  The current jackpot for the Powerball is an estimated 1.5 billion dollars, making it the highest jackpot in history.  With millions of number combinations to choose from, it’s a game of pure luck, which means most of us (or none of us) have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the jackpot. The odds are reportedly 250 million to 1. So even if you spent $1000 dollars on tickets, there’s still an extremely high chance you’ll walk away disappointed.


So despite the insane odds, that shouldn’t stop you from dreaming about all of the amazing things you can do if you did win.  I’d like to think I’m a little creative, and as a food enthusiast I promise you I would get somewhat ridiculous with the amount food I’d devour around the world.  But just in case you can’t decide, we’ve come up with a few ideas to stir up those dream muscles for you.  As the old saying goes, “You can’t win if you don’t play!”

Build a Dream House and Dream Kitchen

This should go without saying for most people. After taxes, the payout for the jackpot will still be hundreds of millions of dollars, which means you can be a complete fool and go crazy on house hunting. Hell, you can even go Nicolas Cage crazy, and still have cash left over.  Whether you want to build a 14,000 sq foot mansion or a moderate 3,500 sq foot home on Lake Austin, you’ll want to build the home of your dreams with a state of the art dream kitchen. Money is no object, so take your time and get ridiculous on those plans.


Host Epic Dinner Parties

This is a tricky situation because you might be the type that doesn’t want everyone to know you suddenly have millions of dollars. But with this kind of money in your pockets, you can get creative.  Don’t host the party at your house, so just rent out an event center and hire someone to pass out tickets as a food and drink festival. Food and drink festivals are always a smashing success in Austin and if you’re creative enough, this can be the start of an annual food and drink party people will attend for years to come.  Bonus – Invite movie stars, and famous people you admire. You’re filthy rich, they’ll show up!


The Ultimate Food Crawl around the World

You have the unbelievable opportunity to eat literally whatever you want, despite the costs.  You want to eat at 3-star Michelin restaurant, every day for a month?  Done! You’ll spend around $250-$500 per person, so bring your friends or your family and eat like there’s no tomorrow. Real food enthusiast will appreciate the top level service and extremely high quality of the cuisine served in these high end restaurants, however some may prefer a more down-to-earth experience.  Maybe you’re interested in ethic street food, or you want the most expensive burger in the world, get world class catering on your private jet. Whatever food experience you’re looking for, the sky is the limit.  Eat like there’s no tomorrow!


Build a Multi-Million Dollar Restaurant

The restaurant business is one of the riskiest businesses in the world. With tons of expenses, certifications, health codes, and management issues you have to deal with, you still have to hope the food is decent. Despite the insane expenses it may costs to build your ultimate dream restaurant, you’ll have an unlimited budget to build one that critics will talk about for years.  Be smart about it, you’re a rich an investor not a professional restauranter. Hire the best manager and chef and give them ownership in the business. If they’re good at their profession, they’ll appreciate it that much more and if you build a restaurant with the ultimate kitchen and unlimited resources, you may have a 3-star Michelin restaurant in your future.


Feed The Homeless

feed the homeless

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You can be a rich asshole all of your life or you can actually do some good in the world.  You’ll have plenty of money to make some good choices, but why don’t you start by feeding the homeless.  You can do something as simple as ordering 3,000 tacos or build a foundation that helps the homeless work in sustainable food centers where they can pick their own vegetables. Better yet, you can fund a campaign in to feeding veterans or even help people in third world countries. Not everyone is as fortunate as you are with your new found millions, but there’s no reason you can’t literally share the wealth in a smart way.  There’s even tax advantages as well, so work with someone that’s smart enough to help you.


Build a Winery, Distillery or Brewery

“Red red wine you make me feel so fine..”  You may or may not be a wine lover, but wine is being purchased at an all time high all over the world. With your new found riches, you have a chance to become legendary by building a legacy for your entire family for generations to come. If wine isn’t your thing, start a distillery or a brewery.


Hire a Personal Chef, even if it’s a celebrity

You literally have no excuse to ever eat less than stellar every single time. You’re probably not world class chef, but there’s no reason you can’t learn the skills from some of the best.  How amazing would it be to hang out in the kitchen with the likes of Anthony Bourdain or Gordon Ramsay?  Why would they hang out with you? Dude, you’re a freaking multi-multi-multi millionaire, make it happen.


What would you do with your lottery riches? Tell us below!


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