A new graphic from John Slots looks at the tastiest beer and burger combinations in countries around the world, from heavy, dark ales and spicy sauces through to crisp lagers and sweet herbs.

It’s a tale as old as time, a song as old as rhyme – burger and a beer. And a tantalising new graphic from John Slots takes the pub, bar, and street food staple around the world to see the different recipes, components, and brews that make up some of the best offerings on the classic from each country.

Ranging from Sweden, where a Falcon pint goes well with a Biff à la Lindström – patties made from beef, with onions, capers, pickled beetroot, and potato, and often served with a fried egg on top – all the way to the other side of the world in Japan, where a light, dry Asahi helps wash down a tangy Teriyaki Burger, the graphic is sure to get your mouth watering (and make you want to engage in some food tourism).

Stack it up

No two burgers are alike – and every beer has a different story. While there’s a limitless variety of combinations for diverse experiences, these are some of the pairings that star in each country:

  • Australia – Burger with “The Lot” and Victoria Bitter – The clue’s in the name: this burger comes stacked high with anything you could want in a burger, like bacon, cheese, mayo, egg, pineapple, onion, beetroot, and lettuce. Victoria Bitter provides a strong flavour and high strength to really power you through the whole lot.
  • Brazil – Brazil Grill Burger and Skol – While Skol was originally produced in Leeds in the UK, it became incredibly popular in Brazil. Combine it with a spicy peri peri sauce and some cheese in a well-grilled burger and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a good combo.
  • South Africa – Springbok Burger and Carling Black Label – The popular Canadian export beer pairs excellently with the native Springbok meat, which is juicier and gamier than beef burgers.
  • Finland – Finnish Burger and Olvi – Olvi is a home-grown beer for Finland in all respects except hops, as it’s too cold for them to survive. The burger is simple compared to some of the more complex recipes around the world: pickled beetroot, mushrooms, and buttermilk dill sauce, with a beef patty.
  • United Kingdom – (British) Cheeseburger and Carling – A simple recipe, chucking some Stilton and onions on a beef patty and adding some mustard is the best way to top up, while having a good pint of Canadian draft.

“A burger and a beer is a reliable staple anywhere you go,” said a representative for John Slots, “It’s satisfying, and it’s tasty – no matter what goes into it!”


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